Daily Archives: January 6, 2014

PERSONAL INJURY: Nursing Home Negligence

More and more we have to entrust our elderly loved ones to nursing homes. Unfortunately, nursing home injury and neglect claims are on the rise. It may be necessary to file a lawsuit to stop, or to recover money damages for nursing home negligence or abuse. Some common lawsuits against nursing homes include, but certainly are not limited to, neglect, abuse, bedsores, assault, falls and fractures, failure to diagnose or treat medical conditions, and even wrongful death.

If your loved one has been hurt or if you recognize the signs of nursing home negligence or abuse, time is of the essence. Such claims are subject to laws known as statutes of limitations that require a lawsuit to be filed within a certain time. Failure to file the lawsuit in the specified time will result in the claim being barred forever.

CRIMINAL DEFENSE: Fewer Mandatory Minimum Sentences?

As part of a comprehensive prison-reform package, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, announced that he was changing the charging policy of federal prosecutors. The goal is to reduce the number of individuals who must face unreasonably long prison sentences. Under the reforms, federal prosecutors will be directed not to charge low-level, non-violent drug offenders without ties to gangs or large-scale organizations, with offenses that impose severe mandatory sentences. As a result, the more severe penalties will be reserved for serious, high-level or violent drug traffickers.
It has long been recognized that the U.S. prison population is disproportionately poor, African-American and/or Hispanic. General Holder’s reforms affect only federal crimes but he urged states to follow his approach. The reforms will relate to future cases only and will not by themselves, reduce current sentences.